Roller Bunny Butty (Blue Soda High)

First Edition, Limited of 30 pcs


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預訂發貨時間 1月15日

The toy will be ready and shipping out around 15th Jan 2021 

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Roller Bunny BUTTY

首款Vinyl Butty兔仔 — 藍荷蘭水  

[ Blue Soda High ] colour way



關於 #rollerbunnybutty BUTTY 是我們從2015年剛開始造手製玩具時候,第一個創作的玩具角色。絕對是我們的玩具中其中一個靈魂人物。 牠是一隻喜歡玩滾軸溜冰,擁有美美渾圓臀部的小兔子,所以取名Butty! 當年我們使用的是樹脂膠素材,尺寸只有 7cm。一直都想有把牠製作成軟膠形態的念頭,想不到疫情之下的這一年就成就了這想法。而現在的軟膠版本,尺寸將會比以前大一點改為14cm高。 BUTTY is our first ever toy character that created back from 2015 when we just started making toys! It was resin casting and in a smaller size 7cm. Now we making it to soft vinyl toy and in larger size about 14cm tall


設計原型雕刻上色包裝 by POPPY

Design, sculpted & painted by POPPY


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Roller Bunny Butty (Blue Soda High)

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